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5 coolest mobile app design trends in 2018

If you are a business connected to a mobile app, you should read this article. If you are planning to build one as well, then you need to understand how business apps are built.

Mobile applications have become much more competitive than before, hence the need for increasingly attractive application design. After all, apps that look good stay longer.

Here in Dikonia, develop applications for business productivity is one of our main lines of business and we would like to share some app development trends for 2018 that will keep you one step ahead in the design game. Here are the top 5 app development trends of 2018.

Goodbye flat, good morning material

When you look at material design, the basic design ideology is to create flat elements that convey an idea in the simplest possible form. But, Material Design has come a long way since that. It’s not just a flat design anymore.

Until 2017, many developers relied on simple, flat designs to create the user interface and decorative features of their apps, which would be best left out now.

It’s time to move on to the newer, more dynamic material design that instills the use of shadows, depth effects, overlaps, translucent elements, and gradients. These design elements are soothing to the eyes and help retain users on app screens for longer.

Declutter the app

A winning app design is smart rather than obvious. Your app will need a number of design elements and feature buttons, but settling for fewer is the best design tactic you can follow.

App makers have reduced the number of buttons or screen taps a user has to do to do their job. This reduces the need for many elements on the screen that create “clutter”.

If users see a ton of options on your app, they certainly don’t know what to click and what to leave. It becomes really tedious for the user and he will end up looking for a simpler app to meet his needs.

Therefore, it is very necessary that you keep only a handful of options in advance and place the buttons intelligently for maximum usability.

Find out how we applied this point in our last taxi reservation project.

Custom illustrations

In 2018, we are fans of graphic design and each app tries to create its own digital art that resonates with the user. When creating illustrations for the app, pay close attention to how your app illustrates something.

This is necessary because no matter how easy your app is to use, your users still need visual clues on how to use and connect to it on a daily basis.

Using custom artwork sends an immediate signal to the user that your app has received a lot of attention for their design. Like the above example of a fitness app we created, you can see that the unique icons and graphics instantly appeal to the user.

Minimalistic icon outlines

It is important to understand that icons are not for decoration. They have a specific role to play: to help the user with the navigation and user interface buttons. Both require a lot of user attention.

While the user devotes their precious attention to these icons, it is necessary that they are attractive enough to move the attention forward. For this, you can either make the icons very complex or make them very minimal.

Notice how the outlines are much easier to look at than the colored shapes.

Doing the latter is always a wise decision as a minimal icon automatically declutters the screen and increases your mobile screen space. Minimal icons with only the outlines of shapes are the latest design trends that you can easily adopt for attractive applications.

Use contrasting colors

The application coloring scheme is a moot subject, which has taken a new turn in recent years. Most app developers are now moving towards a high contrast app coloring scheme, where various elements inside an app contrast with the overall theme of the app.

It helps to make things stand out. Everything that belongs to a particular module has the same color, but critical heat map points such as buttons or CTAs should have contrasting colors.

This was seen when Instagram recently changed its user interface to an overall black and white with a hot pink for notifications. A nifty way to keep things simple and grab the attention of users.


By following the mobile app design trends mentioned above, you can ensure that your app is aesthetically pleasing yet functionally effective. At Dikonia, we have created some innovative solutions for the business federation.

Get in touch with us to discuss your next project or get more information on app development.

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