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6 Striking Mobile App Design Trends

The web community is a dynamically evolving sphere, with designers constantly striving to raise their level year after year. Creating easy-to-navigate and smooth websites is one of the main motivations for developers and designers. Keeping up with trends and maintaining customer loyalty is an all-time hustle. Maintaining a user-centric focus and eliminating non-essential website elements is what web creators are looking for in 2022.

Noting the importance of the evolution of techniques and web app design trends , we are here to discuss with you the finest design vogue that will dominate the web world in 2022.

Resplendent Web and Mobile App Design Trends to Adopt in 2022

1. Coherent and welcoming designs: The passage of time creates the need for useful and simple designs to describe the purpose of a product or service. Recognizing and integrating contemporary fashion is the guiding principle of any designer.

Therefore, the post-pandemic culture of being extra careful and paying more attention to cleanliness and safety has become the new norm. As a result, everyone is vigilant to sanitize their hands and engage in covid-safe products and services. Therefore, design creators need to create layouts that reassure users that they are buying/using safe and healthy products and services.

Incorporate the following pointers to achieve an all-inclusive covid-aligned design:

– Insert shapes, images and colors that induce a feeling of comfort, feel stress-free and encourage healthy habits.

– Including serene designs and images can be visually pleasing and reduce anxiety and stress while evoking comfort.

– Organic shapes and natural colors, those related to nature, and clean design elements go well together.

– Avoiding clusters of icons and images and keeping enough space in designs alleviates anxiety and stress.

2. Micro animation and micro interaction: This digital age is all about grabbing the attention of customers as quickly as possible. People are fascinated by short videos, quick DIYs, and social platforms that promote specific content.

Grabbing people’s attention when they land on your website can be achieved through animation. Include small animated designs to accentuate background images, especially on the homepage, to attract users immediately. Moreover, the integration of gamification elements like lazy loading and floating icons increases the possibility of customer retention.

However, make sure you don’t clutter the animation part too much. Also make sure that the colors do not collide. Dark colors like brown, blue, and green are great for the background, and bright colors like orange, yellow, and red can highlight moving images and interactions.

3. Invigorating illustrations: Living in the pandemic-hit world is indeed exhausting for everyone. Browsing sad news and content has upset users. Therefore, adding inspirational and calming designs that align with your landing page would allow users to relate to each other. This shows how empathetic the company is towards the customer in every way. You can achieve the same result by deploying an indirect design approach that induces positive and warm interactions. If a user feels welcomed, the greatest possibility of increasing customer retention rates. Also, use bright and fun colors to evoke a positive environment, as seeing dark colored images and graphics can be gloomy for some users..

4. Simple and minimalist designs: Modern minimalism is the new fashion. Minimalist and easy to understand website and mobile app designs empower organizations to effectively showcase their products and services. However, it depends on the nature and type of business you are building a website or app for. Minimalism is often best suited to businesses where bright colors don’t mesh with the brand identity.

Leverage the modern minimalist vibe by choosing core components that match your business purpose. For example, a skincare company might opt ​​for water or leaf graphics with a plain or shaded tint in the background. It will bring a feeling of serenity while you focus on your main product.

Several clothing brands want their web and app design company to incorporate particular colors into their brand’s website. While bright and vibrant colors are mostly preferred, monochromatic shades are a prime example of giving off a luxurious feel.

5. Distinctive content: The Internet has radically transformed the functionality of businesses. Due to the ease of access to resources, every business thrives by offering personalized products or services to its customers. But all this goes in vain if the website does not reflect the same. Personalized content induces a more personalized browsing experience for the user.

Many E-commerce sites impart the same. They thoroughly analyze the customer’s needs, search history and browsing habits. Some social Q&A sites, including Quora, also provide a personalized experience for users by showing them questions and answers based on their previous searches.

The other example can be geolocation, which uses various messaging techniques based on the geographic location of the customer. Similarly, a user’s browsing history on the website is also better to focus on what to offer them next.

6. Enhance with 3D visuals: 3D graphics are the lifeblood of web design development that will continue to rule in 2022. Three-dimensional images and videos are always exhilarating to watch. One can easily add fun elements to a website or app by incorporating 3D graphics, especially if your brand is modern and edgy.

The best way to accentuate any digital product is to add bold, large, easy-to-see 3D visuals. Designers should pay attention to the quality of the visual and how easily it slides with the brand image. 3D visuals like large illustrations are ideally used in site headers as hero images. However, make sure you don’t go overboard with images that are too big, otherwise it will overwhelm the information/message the page wants to convey.


Design is imperative in web and mobile application development to increase customer retention rates and user engagement. Therefore, having an attractive and functional website/app design is inevitable. That being said, hiring an experienced UI/UX design development company would be a smart move.