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Good 4/04! Although our name is a terrible, archaic geek joke, many people are unaware that when ERA404 started in April 2002, we strictly provided traditional prints and identity design. But as the internet grew, more and more customers started asking us for UI / UX design and web development.

Over the past sixteen years, we have designed, designed and developed hundreds of websites while trying (and often struggling) to stay at the forefront of innovation. As technology evolved, many of these sites were forced into retirement (ROOM, Money as you grow up, The Unnamed, for example) with the death of Adobe Flash Player (RIP) and the growth of new methodologies to create beautiful, functional and secure websites for clients.

Until recently, ERA404 only designed interfaces for mobile applications. We tinkered with Adobe AIR, PhoneGap, and Cordoba to create rudimentary applications with limited functionality (see: Diss ‘n’ Gauges and Sketch something everyday), but we really found ourselves floundering with the need to become Objective-C, Swift, and / or Java developers. But last year a friend and colleague suggested that we take a look at the Facebook pages. React native.

Design and development of mobile applications

Unlike older technologies, React Native uses native components instead of web components as building blocks for applications. They’re coded in Javascript, the same technology we’ve been using since we started developing sites in 2002, so the learning curve wasn’t too steep. Once developed and tested, these applications can be quickly and easily deployed to the Apple Store and Google play store, be accessible to both iPhone and Android users.

As a result, we can now develop and launch more powerful applications faster and at lower cost than in the past. If you or someone you know is looking for an app strategy, design and development for your business or ideas, drop us a line!

As always, we would like to thank our friends, family, colleagues and customers for another wonderful year and hope you and your loved ones have a great 4/04!


PS If you haven’t seen it yet, Bulc Club was featured in Hoboken girlon spring cleaning your digital life. Give it a read!

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