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The experts at Shopify Blackbelt Commerce (516-704-9890) have expanded their digital agency to help ambitious e-commerce businesses grow in New York. Their services include graphic design, development, implementation, SEO and ongoing support.

This company has expanded Shopify and eCommerce Web Design New York so that any business owner can build an eCommerce store from scratch or make major upgrades to their existing store.

More information is available at https://www.blackbeltcommerce.com/ecommerce-web-design-new-york/

The updated services help customers in all industries at all stages of growth who want to improve their user interface and user experience to increase their conversions.

According to 99Firms, e-commerce in 2020 grew by 44% compared to 2019. Part of this growth is due to the pandemic, but shoppers have formed habits that should continue as they have appreciated the ease of shopping online, and e-commerce is now expected to reach over 95% of all purchases by 2040.

More than a third of American small businesses still don’t have a website, so new and existing e-commerce entrepreneurs have an immediate advantage. However, the customer experience is a priority. Shopping and payments must be easy for an online store to thrive.

With over a million merchants, Shopify is an e-commerce giant. The number of shoppers who bought from Shopify merchants increased by 52% between 2019 and 2020.

Shopify has made e-commerce relatively easy to set up an online store, but to have any real impact, the site needs to be more than just a basic online store. It must have an appeal that Blackbelt Commerce excels at.

This Shopify developer will customize the user interface to be attractive and easy to use and integrate social media into the site to regularly grow the audience with new customers.

The professionalism of the site built by Blackbelt Commerce can establish the company as an expert in the field, increase brand awareness, increase brand trust, and more.

Blackbelt Commerce has successfully created e-commerce stores for well-known businesses like the LA Lakers Store, as well as small businesses that are just getting started.

Their success in store development and SEO has made Blackbelt Commerce the #1 Shopify Partner in the Shopify Directory.

One satisfied customer wrote, “Every aspect of working with Blackbelt Commerce was excellent. They patiently worked with me through every step of redesigning my website, and in the end, the site is much better than I had imagined.

Interested persons can find more information at https://www.blackbeltcommerce.com/how-to-choose-a-shopify-developer

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