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YouTube App Design Update Makes Minor User Interface Change | Updated navigation bar

(Photo: Image from Unsplash website) YouTube app design update results in minor user interface change | Updated navigation bar

The YouTube app is receiving design updates that make minor changes to the user interface of the popular video streaming service. The navigation bar is undergoing a slight change in its design and the color of the lower navigation bar is finally consistent with the other elements of the user interface.

Android YouTube app

According to story by Android Headlines, the Android version of the YouTube app excels in many areas, but it still has some flaws. Google is now correcting a particular design flaw with its new update.

Google is finally removing a row to make the bottom bar even more streamlined. Google News channel Telegram initially reported this new change. While there is still no information as to when the new change can finally be seen on the YouTube app, it has been noted that it shouldn’t take too long for it to reach some devices.

UI Defects for YouTube

In addition to removing the row at the bottom, YouTube will also match the color scheme of the navigation bar. For previous versions, it was stated that the navigation bar was in fact a different color from other parts of the user interface.

This was actually quite visible when users were using YouTube’s dark mode. Fortunately, the new update now brings a more uniform look to the total navigation bar. YouTube could have pushed the changes as part of a new server-side update, so it might not need a full app update.

YouTube “New for you” tab

YouTube recently announced a “New to You” tab for the mobile, web, and smart TV versions of the app. The feature would then help improve recommendations and provide users with content they might not have watched before.

YouTube now notes that it hopes the option will help keep things “fresh”. Besides, it was also noted that the streaming platform also wants to be able to improve its podcasting credentials.

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The company focuses on YouTube podcasts

The company has just hired a ten-year YouTube employee, Kai Chuk, to lead its own podcast initiative. It was made clear that if there is one area where the platform still lags behind, it’s its podcasts. Although YouTube is definitely a popular app around the world, many users are still not very happy with its apps. Learn more about YouTube ad blockers to solve this problem.

The company is also trying to compete with the popular short form video app TikTok, as seen with YouTube Shorts. After initially releasing the particular feature in many countries, YouTube began rolling it out globally in July 2021.

While still not as popular as the famous TikTok, the service certainly has its potential. It was stated that adoption is most likely decent enough given that YouTube Shorts already exists in the main YouTube app. The company has officially canceled the YouTube rewind, but it still offers an alternative.

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